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Best Restaurant Online Ordering System in 2023

What will set your business apart from your competition is your ability to adapt.

The pandemic has increased the need for measures of social distancing in all forms of life, especially the restaurant industry. Now, more than ever, restaurants are under pressure to provide customers with safe and reliable methods to order their meals. If you haven’t switched to online ordering for your restaurant, now is the time to act.

In this blog we will discuss
  1. Essential reasons for Restaurants to adopt an Online ordering system.
  2. The 3 basic criteria to look for in an online ordering system.
  3. Our top 5 picks for restaurants.
Essential reasons for Restaurants to adopt Online ordering system

In the current era of digital advancements, where speed and convenience are key, the substantial advantages for restaurants implementing an online ordering system are clear. The reasons include:

1. Enhanced Customer Convenience:
Online ordering systems are the epitome of convenience. Customers love the ease of navigating menus, selecting options, and making payments at their own convenience. This level of ease enhances customer satisfaction, increases loyalty, and boosts business revenue

2. Increased Sales Opportunities:
Online platforms open up new revenue streams. These systems enable subtle upselling and cross-selling via prompts and suggestions, effectively raising the average order value. Additionally, their 24/7 operation ensures that potential sales are captured even beyond standard business hours.

3. Improved Order Accuracy and Efficiency:
With an online system, orders are directly fed into the kitchen, reducing the chances of errors that can occur with traditional phone orders. I can say with online ordering, orders are directly routed to the kitchen, avoiding errors that happen with phone orders. This streamlined process increases efficiency, reduces waste, and enhances customer satisfaction.

4. Access to Valuable Data and Insights:
In online ordering, you can gain insights into customers' buying patterns. These insights can help minimize errors, develop marketing strategies, and enhance overall business performance.

5. Better Handling of Peak Times:
During peak hours, handling a barrage of phone calls can be challenging. An Online ordering manages everything effortlessly, reducing wait times, and enhance the overall customer experience.

6. Enhanced Marketing Opportunities:
An online presence gives you direct access to customers for marketing. You can use the platform to promote new dishes, special offers, or events, directly influencing customer decisions at the point of ordering.

7. Environmentally Friendly:
Online ordering is a completely digital approach, reducing the need for paper and receipts. This aligns your restaurant with environmentally friendly practices, a factor that is becoming increasingly important to many consumers.

8. Competitive Advantage:
In the fiercely competitive restaurant industry, the absence of an online ordering option may place you at a disadvantage. Maintaining an online presence has become nearly essential to remain relevant and competitive.

9. Scalability and Growth:
Online systems are scalable. As your business grows, the system can adapt to increased demand, helping you expand your customer base and enter new markets without the need for significant physical expansion.

Essential reasons for Restaurants to adopt Online ordering system
Which online ordering system is right for you?

One size does not fit all. Every restaurant is unique in its needs, so the online ordering system you choose must reflect these needs.

There are three basic criteria you should consider before committing to an online ordering system.

The first one is pricing. Many well-known platforms offer percentage-based pricing, others may charge a flat fee per transaction and a commission. Decide which pricing model suits your business, but also keep in mind that newer platforms usually offer the most competitive pricing. It is a good idea to jump on board these systems early on, before they become more popular and raise their rates.

The second criteria you need to consider in terms of an online ordering system is integration with your current POS system. How do you want to be paid for your online sales: daily, weekly or monthly? What additional services does the platform offer to help your business grow? Can you easily make changes or updates to your menu without having to contact the company? For example, SwiftPizza and Yumvee will build a custom website for your business and integrate it with online ordering. They will also provide merchants with the credentials to make changes as needed. Other companies may require you to call their customer service line for these services.

Lastly, choosing the right online ordering system that is specifically tailored to your business will allow much more flexibility and customization. For example, pizza shops may find that SwiftPizza is a better choice over GrubHub, since it is custom-built for pizzerias only. It offers an edge over other ordering systems, because it would allow their customers to personalise their pizzas according to size, crust type and toppings, unlike any other app.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Online Ordering Platforms

Restolabs offers a simple interface and many features that are likely to catch customers’ attention, including the ability to order from Facebook and real-time analytics. The pricing starts at around $45 for the basic and charges monthly. For more information visit Restolabs

Gloria Food
This platform is free and allows you to take orders on your own website or Facebook account. The system also includes a table reservation widget and mobile ordering for convenience. Credit card payment functions do require a premium plan and do not come as part of the free service. For further information visit Gloriafood

This platform can be used on a variety of devices such as smartphones, Facebook and your business website. If your customers are mostly inclined to using their mobile devices for ordering, this option may be one to consider. The pricing starts at $119/mo for the annual plan, and does not include credit card processing fees. Visit Chownow to see if this system is right for you.

Originally created to provide online ordering for local pizzerias, allowing them to compete with many of the larger chains such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut. This platform primarily allows its merchants to receive their online orders by email, mobile, and fax. Slice has many features including customization capabilities. Pricing is based on the number of orders, charging a commission of around 7% per transaction. You can visit their website Slicelife for more information on whether this system is right for your business.

SwiftPizza is gaining popularity among many pizza stores for being an up-and-coming online ordering system. One of the first of its kind, SwiftPizza links directly with a merchants’ Clover system. Not only does it give customers the capability to build their pizzas from scratch, but also create half-and-half orders, along with access to the rest of the pizzerias’ menu. As an added bonus, SwiftPizza will custom design a website for their clients, creating an easily accessible and convenient way for customers to order and browse menus. Pricing is a flat $19.99/mo and $0.99 cents per online order. If you’re a pizzeria and haven’t taken advantage of this platform, it’s time to act. Visit Swiftpizza for more information.

A unique online ordering system created for restaurants that uses an Android tablet for order notification. Yumvee offers the same great features as the SwiftPizza app in terms of food customization, website building and customer support. Yumvee’s pricing for unlimited online orders is $99/month, but you can get the same plan at a discounted price of $69/month from Merchantech if you switch to their credit card processing. Yumvee is not only competitively priced, but also offers unlimited free online orders when customers pay cash for pick-up or delivery. Visit Yumvee to learn more.

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