Clover® Go

The All-in-One Contactless, Chip, and Swipe Card Reader.

Process payments from anywhere.

Need a payment method that travels with you? When you're not idle and on the move, Clover Go is the answer to your payment processing needs.

Whether you're on the move or idle Clover Go Contactless Reader is the answer to your secure credit card processing needs.

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What is your preferred payment method? EMV, chip, swipe or mobile device? Clover Go accepts all.

Clover Go works together with other Clover devices. Start an order form any Clover device and access and view it on your Clover Go from anywhere.

Regardless of where you are. The Clover Go provides intuitive reporting, sales activity, business insights and more.


Clover Go connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device and fully compatible with the iPhone 7.

Clover Go uses End-to-end encryption that prevents third-parties from accessing data while it's being transferred.

Create multiple tax rates and set a custom tip percentage.

No need for paper receipts. You can now email or text receipts to your customers.

Uncomfortable with everyone seeing everything? Clover Go lets you create and manage employee permission with ease.

When you need help we are there. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.