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Credit Card Payment Processing For All Types of Business

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Payment processing services or payment gateways for small and large businesses are essential in running a successful enterprise. Our providers have a solid business reputation, ensuring smooth transaction processing and improved customer experience. Credit card payment processing services are multi-step procedures that involve several parties and variables including:

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What Is A Payment Processing Service and How Does It Work?

Payment processors play an essential role in the global financial system since they act as a link between merchants, enterprises, customers, and financial institutions. They synchronize paperless transactions by authenticating all data and sending funds to businesses/ merchants after a purchase is completed. Payment processing services have a network that allows them to facilitate data flow between all parties involved.

When a customer makes a purchase and pays with a card at the point of sale, the transaction's authorization, funding, and settlement are seamlessly managed by payment processing providers. The merchant or business requests credit card authorization from the payment processor, initiating a series of essential tasks.

transaction to the issuing

Sends the transaction to the issuing bank's card association

particular criteria

Based on particular criteria, the transaction is either accepted or refused

Issuing bank

Issuing bank notifies the merchant bank and the merchant of the approval/rejection

The transaction is paid and settled after authorization is completed, and the money is deposited into the merchant's account. The payment processor provides the details to the card association when the merchant makes the authorization request. Because the card association and the issuing bank are linked, the bank receives the information and conducts the following tasks:


Cardholders charged for transaction

Payment Processor

Payment processor sends funds to merchant’s bank via ACH

What To Look For When Choosing A Payment Processor

Before choosing a payment processor, businesses should examine the following factors:

Customer service

Customer service

Transaction flexibility

Transaction flexibility

Solutions for fraud risk management

Solutions for fraud risk management

Tools to help you expand your business

Tools to help you expand your business

Payment Methods Accepted

Individuals have a wide range of payment options when using online payment systems. The following are a few of the most popular:

Debit/Credit Cards - Funds come from cardholders bank account

  • Offers a flexible checkout experience
  • Manage risk for business
  • Reach customers in new channels
  • Integrate with trusted partners
Payment Methods Accepted

Merchantech Is The Right Payment Solution For Your Business

Deliver the greatest possible payment experience for your merchants and their customers across all channels and devices, including in-store, mobile, internet, high risk merchant accounts and self-service. All of this is done through our single platform.


Digital First
Online- Digital First

Many people have an internet store, but they have to pay high prices. You may accept credit cards online for a reasonable price with Merchantech. Now is the time to sell to the world and realize your actual company's potential.


Accepting payments on the fly is the most effective approach to expanding your company. Accepting credit card transactions with a smartphone or tablet is straightforward and cost-effective with a mobile device, and is the best online credit card processing method. MERCHANTECH has all of the necessary equipment your business needs for mobile processing.

Point of Sale
Point of Sale (POS)

Within your point-of-sale system, you can accept credit cards, manage your business, and interact with your customers.

Integrated Payments
Integrated Payments

Get up and running with Merchantech in as little time as 10 minutes.

Date Sercurity
Data Security Management & Protection.

Security is a top priority for Merchantech, which is a PCI DSS compliant product. All of our payment gateways adhere to industry-standard security guidelines, making transactions completely secure.

Expand Your Business
Expand Your Business

Expand your business with the assistance of our adaptable payment platform and regional knowledge.

All Other Services

All Other Services

Getting the Most Out of Payment Processing Services

  • Processing of credit/debit card payment services for online payments
  • E-check processing and ACH processing services
  • Pricing Transparency
  • PCI compliance reminders
  • Same day and next-day funding options
All Other Services

Merchantech Features You Can Count On

Credit card score

Take payments anytime, anywhere, on any device.

streamlined payment acceptance
paid back

No hidden fees, No Kidding.

complete pricing transparency

Our team is available 24 hours a day to answer all your questions.

customer support

Gain customer confidence with fast & secure payments.

fast and secure payments

Efficiency coupled with a streamlined payment processing service equals success.

At Merchantech, we not only supply you with cutting edge terminals and low cost processing, we facilitate the growth of your business by making management simple and efficient.

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