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The 10 Best POS System for 2024

A point of sale (POS) system is a hardware and software setup that unifies customer relationship management, sales, and payment processing (CRM). Strong tools for inventory tracking, vendor administration, personnel management, and customer loyalty are all included in the top POS systems for small firms.

Traditional point-of-sale systems are out-of-date and rigid, making it challenging to operate and personalize them.

A company seeking to remain competitive needs a cutting-edge POS system. These systems provide a wealth of capabilities and are adaptable enough to be tailored to your unique requirements. The ideal option to modernize your company's point of sale system is using POS systems. The blog post will cover the best POS system for small businesses in 2022. These dependable and reasonably priced systems provide several features that will help your company.

The best POS systems for business transactions can efficiently assist in streamlining your daily operations and encourage repeat business. They can also play a significant role in establishing sustainable corporate growth if employed appropriately. This comprehensive guide discusses all the advantages and benefits of POS systems. It assesses and compares all of the most well-known points of sale suppliers to assist you in selecting the best POS system for your company. Keep reading to find the best POS system for your business.

1) Clover- The POS System With An App Market

Clover- The POS System With An App Market

One of the most well-liked point-of-sale (POS) systems for restaurants, Clover provides proprietors with all the tools necessary to start selling meals and running their business.

Clover can be a very smart choice if your business depends on online orders or plans to grow its online ordering capabilities in the future. It gives you access to a working website. Smaller companies seeking an all-in-one, user-friendly system may also choose this system.

You can design a seamless customer journey with Clover that helps you better manage your business. You can monitor your store's activity with Clover's cloud-based POS system. View your reports, sales, and employee hours all in one place. Your clients will feel comfortable and secure using Clover, whether you own a takeout restaurant, a chain of coffee shops, or a fine dining restaurant. Your customers will love the ease with which they can make purchases and track their orders. You can also maintain tabs on sales and other business activities, identify your top clients and the products they purchase, and entice them to return with special offers and loyalty programs.

    Key Features

  • A sophisticated all-in-one system that takes orders, monitors payments and manages inventory. Makes running your business simple and enjoyable.
  • Maintain your customer base while organizing your items. Get input and make adjustments to keep your business moving smoothly, in-store or online.
  • Use Clover's powerful analytics tools to examine important indicators like revenue and sales to gain real-time insights into patterns and data.
  • You can accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and contactless technology. It can be utilized as a standalone payment solution or a complete POS.


  • Portable POS system
  • A low monthly cost
  • Credit card processing integrated
  • Plan for one month at a time with no cancellation fees
  • Available is a personalized consumer loyalty programme.


  • Integrations must go through the Clover app market.
  • Clover Flex does not function with all hardware

Pricing- Clover's rates may vary due to different pricing components. There are multiple plans available depending on your needs. For example, you can utilize a Clover Mini for your retail store as a credit card terminal for just $4.95/mo. The Clover Duo (customer-facing display) and Clover Solo (without customer-facing display), both recommended for retail and restaurants, are priced at $44/mo for the first device and $10/mo for each additional device. Depending on how much gear you require, hardware packages can range in price from $69 to $1,649.

2) Square POS - POS Software for Small Businesses

Square POS - POS Software for Small Businesses

California-based Square is a provider of payment services. Square is making a huge move to compete with other financial competitors by entering the POS business. Due to its low Cost, high usability, and options for general use, retail, restaurants, and appointment-based enterprises, Square is a good option for small-ticket businesses. Each option also offers a free plan that entitles users to limitless purchases from the online store.

    Key Features

  • App for iPhone and Android devices.
  • Accept contactless payments.
  • Connect with square hardware ( cash drawers, receipt printers, and scales.)
  • Provide curbside pickup.
  • Includes inventory management and loyalty programs.

Pricing- Three plans are available from Square, including integrated payments. The Free Plan charges 2.9 per cent plus $0.30 in credit card processing fees, and the Professional plan charges the same rates but adds features for $12 per month. Even more, features are included in the $26 performance plan, but the processing price is the same. Premium has cheaper processing fees of 2.6% + $0.30 for $72.


  • Zero monthly Costs for the basic plan
  • Software and hardware with easy setup
  • Transparent transaction fees


  • Higher fees compared to other processors
  • Higher fees for manual entry

3) Toast- Great For Restaurant

Toast- Great For Restaurant

Toast is an easy-to-use point-of-sale system created specifically for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and pizzerias to increase sales and interact with consumers in innovative ways. Toast provides a full package. It meets both your hardware and software requirements. Its hardware package includes a handheld gadget that connects to the whole POS system. Orders can be accepted at the table or while clients wait in line using the mobile gadget.

Toast says that its unique programming can increase sales. You can effortlessly provide gift cards and loyalty promotions with it. Additionally, its software is linked to accepting online orders. Users might choose to include an inventory feature as well. Through open APIs, functionalities can be expanded.

    Key Features

  • Ordering online and delivery.
  • Flexible floor plans.
  • Credit card processing integrated.
  • Good integration with third parties.
  • Available client loyalty schemes and online ordering.

4) Payroll software and an internal delivery platform are both offered.

Payroll software and an internal delivery platform are both offered

Pricing- A Toast flex POS terminal, a Toast tap payment device, a router, and POS software are all included in Toast's zero-cost entry bundle for new customers. The Growth plan begins at $272 per month, and the Essentials plan at $165. Each plan's fees per terminal may cover optional software and hardware purchases.


  • Designed for all kinds of food-related businesses, including bars, restaurants, and food trucks
  • Beginning kit without Cost


  • The Cost of accepting payments varies depending on your business.
  • Only the most premium bundle includes services like gift cards, loyalty programs, and marketing.

5) Shopify - POS for eCommerce Retailers

Shopify - POS for eCommerce Retailers

Small and medium enterprises in any industry typically use Shopify POS. Free POS software is available for mobile or event sales. Shopify is a good option for sellers utilizing Shopify as an eCommerce platform since it plans all store sales, inventory, and customer data in one location. This POS offers the following features:

  • Provides local delivery, in-store pickup, or curbside collection for social distance.
  • All-channel inventory management.
  • Includes a mobile POS app to enable staff to service consumers wherever they are in the store.
  • Provides Shopify POS mobile app with store performance and reports.

Pricing: The monthly Cost of the software package is $99, plus flat fees for processing credit cards. Revel interacts with outside payment processors, including Worldpay, First Data, and Heartland and begins at $29 per month. However, Shopify Lite costs $9 per month and is an option to explore if you need a buy button on an existing website.

Any package is available for a 14-day free trial.


  • Affordable basic subscription and processing fees
  • Free 14 days trial
  • Robust eCommerce tools


  • No subscription free plan
  • Limited reporting on the basic plan
  • Extra fees for using the third-party payment providers

6) Revel Systems

Revel Systems

Revel offers a cloud-based POS system that allows you to manage employees, track sales, check table vacancies, and update inventory in real-time through a single console. It is incredibly easy to set up and use, which is a huge benefit for business owners who may be overwhelmed by technology. Additionally, Revel allows you to set up the customer program so your clients can receive incentives and loyalty points. The program can also track consumer information and learn important details about your customers' shopping preferences.

Pricing- Annual payment plans start at $99 per month plus flat fees for processing credit cards. Revel interacts with outside payment processors, including Worldpay, First Data, and Heartland.


  • Customize customer loyalty and management service
  • Tools built for the food and beverage business
  • Loads of software integration


  • Non-transparent pricing
  • Credit card processing is an extra service
  • A three-year maximum contract length for the best price

7) Lightspeed


The oldest POS system on the list, Lightspeed, offers a variety of carry-out features.

Lightspeed enables restaurants to blend restaurant-specific products from many brands in their hardware stack. For eateries with an existing hardware collection, this is the ideal choice. Additionally, this is an excellent option for eateries who want the freedom to select their payment processor. The features below are why it made our list of the top POS systems for restaurants.

  • Inventory management
  • Transaction processing
  • Customer management
  • Email marketing
  • E-commerce integration

Plans for Lightspeed start at $69 per month, with an extra register costing $34/month.

For physical or online retailers with broad or complicated product lines, Lightspeed works best.


  • Detailed inventory management
  • Modern POS equipment
  • Worldwide payment acceptance


  • Some essential features locked behind more expensive plans

8) Quickbooks Point of Sale

Quickbooks Point of Sale

Quickbooks is an effortless online retailer with broad or complicated product lines; QuickBooks manages effortlessly with accounting software and one-time purchase with no extra monthly fees. Use of software compatible with windows, desktops, and tablets. With each pricing option, you will receive the following features:

  • Collecting payments.
  • Tracking of consumer and inventory information.
  • Offers fundamental reporting.
  • Connects with the accounting program QuickBooks Desktop.


  • Effortless integration with accounting software
  • One-time purchase with no monthly fees
  • Software compatible with windows, desktops, and tablets


  • Expensive rates for full-featured plans
  • Simple payment processing and inventory management
  • No Ipad compatibility

Pricing- The basic plan for Quickbooks $ 960 is the most recommended. Large firms that want to accept contactless payments, track and manage inventory, and integrate with eCommerce are advised to use the QuickBooks POS Basic Plan. The Pro plan is $ 1,360. For businesses to process sales from various places, the Pro Plan from QuickBooks POS pricing is made to function with more tablets.

9) TouchBistro POS for Growing Restaurants

TouchBistro POS for Growing Restaurants

A well-known Toronto-based business called TouchBistro has been operating since 2010.

TouchBistro was developed with food-serving enterprises in mind, as you might have guessed from its name. Both self-serve and tableside ordering options are available. Online ordering and payment, delivery requests, alert requests, and order cancellations are all available to your customers. Additionally, they can examine their orders, give feedback, and get loyalty discounts.

You may use TouchBistro whether you run a single food truck or a network of restaurants since it contains tools and features adaptable to different business sizes. It offers a straightforward setup process and user-friendly software that works with all Apple devices. The company also provides several hardware options, which provide your company with another level of assistance. A digital menu board, kitchen display systems, self-service kiosks, and more are available.


  • Logical interface
  • Many features tailored toward the guests
  • Several integrations in good numbers
  • Several hardware tools
  • Scalable price structures


  • Slow customer response times

Pricing- The Cost per month is $69.

10) Upserve POS

Upserve POS

Upserve is a point of sale built for a modern full-service restaurant, right cartels to small restaurants like coffee shops, cafes, delis, and bakeries. This restaurant management software has inventory management features like vendor management, one-click purchasing, and low inventory alerts. You can also use menu optimization and recipe costing tools to improve your sales and profits.

    Key Features

  • Retail Management
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Tracking mode
  • Transfer Check to another server


  • Easy and quick onboarding
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Integrates inventory


  • No free trial or version
  • Some add-on features are costly

Pricing: The Core Plan costs $59 per month for one terminal and $60 for each additional terminal. Processing per transaction is 2.49% plus $0.15. The Pro Plan is $199 per month for one terminal and $50 for each additional terminal. Upserve claims that this is its most well-liked plan. The Core Plan's payment processing costs apply. Pro Plus Plan is the most comprehensive option for more established establishments. One terminal costs $359 per month, and each additional terminal adds another $40. The main plan's payment processing costs apply.


Now that you know more about the top retail point-of-sale systems and POS best practices, it's time to choose a system. You might start by comparing the pricing and features offered by each POS to find the one that is perfect for your company that both supports and expands it.

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